Shoebox Arts is focused on supporting and empowering artists, building community, offering peer mentorship, PR/marketing strategies and social media management.

We are a support network for artists. Founded and run by artists, we get it. We know what artists need to build a history and create a presence in the art world. We are facilitators, problem solvers and idea people bringing resources and tools to inspire, empower and educate artists.

Our focus is on mentorship, marketing, promotion and community through social networking strategy, media relations, curator engagement and more.

Working with Shoebox will help you establish goals that will enhance your creative practice and meet your business objectives. You will receive personalized services to help build your network and marketing strategies, but most importantly, as a client of Shoebox you will become part of an exclusive community of talented and motivated contemporary artists who will offer support, friendship and guidance as you work towards your goals. Artists who work with Shoebox Arts receive personalized services that allow them to build their network and marketing strategies. We will provide you with opportunities to network and build community as well as critique and assess your work, brand, and professional package. Through a series of consultations, we will help you establish goals that will enhance your creative practice and meet your business objectives. You will benefit from the continuity and motivational momentum created through mentorship and community.


  • Mentoring/Coaching
    • Working with us as a mentor/coach will help you establish goals that will enhance your creative practice and meet your business objectives. Individual consultations with Kristine Schomaker and her team will help you sharpen your career and artistic goals and create a plan for meeting those goals. With individual coaching, your needs will guide the content of the sessions. Kristine has access to many resources and can help you pinpoint where your art fits into the LA art conversation. This may include:
      • One-on-one “one-hour” Zoom ‘studio visit’ every month with our team
      • Portfolio review -Assessment and critique of work
      • Marketing practices
      • Social media strategies,
      • Website review,
      • Branding,
      • Building an email list
      • Resume, Artist Statements, Bios, Website, Business Cards, Postcards, Brochures review and edits
      • Gallery recommendations
  • Call for Art/grants/residencies list subscription – every 2 weeks
  • Social media PR
    • When you post on your social media, we will share your events/artwork on our Shoebox Arts Facebook and Instagram
    • We will teach you the right strategies and guide you in the most efficient posting on your social media so you can build a community and get more exposure for your practice.
  • Group Critique Meeting – We will meet once a month on zoom to critique each other’s work.
  • Shoebox Speaker Series: Join our community as we meet with gallerists, curators, artists to learn about their programming, experience in the artworld and more.
  • Business Package Review – Once a month on zoom we will review different materials that make up your professional portfolio: Artist Statement, CV, Resume, Social media, newsletters, website, deck, etc.
  • We also have a bonus monthly artist meet-up that we host, that you are invited to attend as well as a dedicated Facebook group where we share additional resources, have conversations about the art world and create community with our artists.


Event/Exhibition PR When you’re the art event coordinator, you have your hands full of a million little details that all need your attention. If you turn your marketing over to Shoebox Arts, you can rest assured that our expert and experienced team will get your event noticed. Our Exhibition PR includes:
  • (2) 1-hour Zoom consultations
  • Writing press release
  • Press release distribution
    • Targeted: local, national, art and subject related media
  • Calendar Listings – Targeted: regional and art related
  • Social Media Promotion
    • Sharing your event on Shoebox Arts’ accounts: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Facebook Groups – Targeted: regional and art related
  • Postcard labels to select list of institutions: Galleries, museums, colleges, non-profits
  • Email newsletter to our list of institutions, curators, galleries.


Social Media PR We can help you get your event noticed on social media. Using Facebook and Instagram, we will promote your event across Shoebox Arts’ platforms as well as our select list of art and regional Facebook groups. Your event will be seen by our large following of art influencers, curators, gallerists, collectors and more.


Individual 1-hour Consultation on Zoom Shoebox Arts will provide you with critique and assessment of your work to show you where you fit into LA’s art conversation. We will help you establish goals that will enhance your creative practice and meet your business objectives.  Our team will offer you feedback and suggestions on marketing and social media strategies that will help you move your career forward. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION:

Shoebox Arts welcomes all to our table. We feel diversity leads to an authentic worldview, inclusion fuels innovation, and transparency helps create an accepting, more equitable and accessible work/create/live space. We intentionally and continually evaluate ourselves; encourage open discussion and understanding; and practice skills/experience-based hiring with the understanding education is not accessible to all. We are a work in progress.


“If you are a mid-career or emerging visual artist looking step-up your professional game, I highly recommend reaching out to Kristine and the Shoebox team. Being a part of the Shoebox community has been instrumental in helping me better understand and navigate the LA visual art scene.” ~ Justin Prough, Artist

“Educator, artist, guidance counselor and cheerleader all rolled into one. Kristine has helped me get much further along in my art career than I would have alone and has been especially helpful to me navigating through these months of Covid. I consider myself very fortunate to be one of the beneficiaries of her knowledge and experience in the arts community. She counseled me as to which galleries may be a good fit for my work, on how to improve my website, helped me improve my social media skills, keeps me apprised of any relevant workshops or lectures, introduced me to new contacts—(both gallerists and other artists), provided me with the opportunity for a solo show of my work at Shoebox Projects and invited me to participate in her own fantastic traveling exhibit, “Perceive Me.” She also improved exposure of my work by helping me secure interviews in Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and Diversions LA. It has been a pleasure working with her. Thank you, Kristine!” ~Debbie Korbel, Artist

I have confidence the Shoebox team has the business side covered so I can focus on making art. Kristine Schomaker is a knowledgeable, insightful and creative resource in the art world of Los Angeles, and that has been a great asset in navigating my path as an artist. The Shoebox team handles my social media so well I’m often congratulated for “my presence,” though it’s really them doing it while I make art. Through “Shoebox Connect” Kristine has introduced me to gallerists, curators and other artists that I wouldn’t otherwise know, and that enhances my understanding of the L.A. art scene. ~Pam Douglas, Artist

“I am frequently complimented on my social media skills and forgoing false modesty , I believe that to be a true fact. But whatever I have mastered in the art of social presence, it was under the tutelage of Kristine Schomaker and her staff at Shoeboxpr. But social media is only a component of the Shoebox experience . What I have found most gratifying is the sense of community Kristine fosters. Be it the monthly artist support groups, the workshops offered or the encouragement one receives from Kristine concerning your art career in general , that sense of integrated community is what I find so empowering. Kristine understands that an artist will grow and that their needs will evolve. To accommodate this evolution, Shoebox offers a variety of services; one can realistically benefit as a member of the Shoebox community throughout their career in artmaking. The greatest benefit from my experience with Shoebox has been the awareness of what sort of artist I wish to be and how best to attain that goal. With Shoeboxpr I was given the tools and the encouragement to do that. The life of an artist is often an isolated experience, fraught with self doubt, with Shoeboxpr by your side, the road becomes considerably less formidable.” ~Leonard Greco, Artist

“I hired Shoebox PR to promote my December 2015 solo show at LA Artcore. They surpassed my expectations. I wanted media write-ups, and they delivered: The Creators Project on, AEQAI, Diversions LA,, and NELA Art News. On top of that, they got me tremendous online buzz. I could not have been happier. But then, there were unexpected bonuses such as people coming to my studio to document my process, help arranging a photographer for my show, and on and on and on. I was in the middle of putting together an interactive installation – to have someone else there beside me taking care of publicity details was such a gift. And to have someone who I trusted, and who gave more than promised, well, it was like winning the lottery. Shoebox PR’s director, Kristine Schomaker, is a warm, vivacious person who gives her all to the art community and her artists. She keeps her finger on the pulse of the L.A. art scene by staying right in the middle of it. (In her fabulous brightly colored wigs she’s easy to spot at openings everywhere across town.) To be able to harness that commitment and drive towards promoting my show was a thing of beauty. I can’t thank Kristine, and the rest of the team at Shoebox, enough for all they did to help make my show a success. I wholeheartedly recommend Shoebox PR.” ~Dani Dodge, installation artist

Kristine Schomaker in 2015 helped the organization I work for raise over $4,000. Kristine is helpful and very knowledgeable when it comes to connecting people with the spirit of art. Mrs Schomaker donated her time and curated one of the most beautiful art walls for our 2015 end of the year art benefit show. Kristine also brought together a good sampling of the Los Angeles art community to our space here in Culver City. I am extremely grateful for her great eye of community, of artistic voice and her spirit of collaboration. ~Veronica DeJesus, Washington Reid Gallery, Culver City