Press Release
Bibi Davidson’s “The Girl in the Red Dress” on view through Nov 18th

Bibi Davidson’s “The Girl in the Red Dress” on view through Nov 18th


For Immediate Release

The Girl in the Red Dress

Bibi Davidson
Solo show


Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825
825 N La Cienega Blvd LA Ca 90069

October 15th – November 18th
Conversations with the artist November 16th 7-9pm

(Los Angeles) – Los Angeles artist Bibi Davidson kept her artwork secret for nearly 30 years. Therapeutic, meditative and cathartic, Davidson’s vivid paintings express the emotions and fears of a traumatic past. Opening October 15th at Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825, “The Girl in the Red Dress” shares Davidson’s inner turmoil revealing to us the wounds and scars of our own past.

“Chaos, or balagan, in Hebrew,” says Davidson “is the mess I always feel around me but cannot touch. The characters represent the people in me. Water, as in oceans, is dangerous for me, but also fascinates me by its strength and movement.”

The girl in the red dress is Davidson’s alter ego and her paintings are populated with characters, animals and landscapes that represent aspects of her personality and inner world. She creates a haven for herself where she feels comfortable and unafraid.

Art critic Shana Nys Dambrot says, “Davidson’s unmistakable aesthetic favors saturated colors and thick line-drawing evoking stained glass, graphic novels, and folkloric fairy-tales. She balances competing impulses toward abstraction and narrative, resolving precisely detailed rendering and emotionally charged gesture in exaggerated features, fantastical landscapes, and anthropomorphic creatures.”

In this show, Davidson experiments with lifting her characters and stories out of the flat two-dimensional canvas into the realm of sculpture, releasing them from their sorrow and reclaiming the joy that is our birthright.


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