Get the Most out of Your Social Media

Get the Most out of Your Social Media

Get the most out of your Social Media

Tips, tricks, strategies for obtaining more followers and engagement


  1. Tag all artists, galleries, institutions, etc. Use @ to locate their ‘username’ for tagging. Each platform may have different usernames. Branding tip: try to have the same username across all platforms.

  2. Hashtags are keywords. USE THEM on Twitter and Instagram.

  3. Research your favorite artists and organizations to see what hashtags they use. Find hashtags that your art relates to.

  4. When sharing multiple images on Facebook – “Add a description” in the caption. Otherwise there is no information for that image.

  5. Proof read everything!

  6. Photo quality is important- don’t post blurry photos. When sharing photos of your friend’s artwork, make sure the art is centered and there is a good composition.

  7. All of your art posts should be public so people can share them. Social media is about sharing. When you share an image from Instagram onto Facebook, be sure to go to Facebook and make the image public. It will automatically post as private (only friends).

  8. Share, share, share. Support your friend’s events, artwork etc.

  9. On Facebook events, mark that you are at least interested. This bumps up the algorithms so more people see your friends events.

  10. Spelling, Spelling, Spelling… especially names. Most of the time their name is right there in the post so this should be a no brainer.

  11. Ask permission before re-posting someone else’s images under your name. (Saving the image to your computer/phone and reposting) Always always always give credit (and tag) the photographer.

  12. @ and # are your friends.

  13. Always create events from your Facebook artist page, the gallery or PR company. Not your personal page. This will allow you to boost the event and automatically notifies people on your page that you have an event.

  14. Sometimes TMI is TMI.

  15. If you are working on building a successful art career, be professional, serious, committed and friendly. Don’t create negative posts. If you have to, create a special group of friends who you feel you can complain to. Anyone looking to buy your work or show it in a gallery won’t give you another second of their time.

  16. Engage. Be sure to comment on your friends/galleries/artists posts.

  17. Patience and perseverance

  18. Be authentic.

To be continued…


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