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Linda Sue Price – Light in Motion, Solo Exhibition Opening July 13

Linda Sue Price – Light in Motion, Solo Exhibition Opening July 13

Linda Sue Price
“Light in Motion”

Solo Exhibition

Reception July 13, 5-8pm
On view Tuesday, July 9 -­ Saturday, August 3

TAG Gallery
5458 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Through the use of animating neon tubes, Light in Motion explores the tension between an internal desire for peace and tranquility as contrasted with the external reality of change and chaos.

There are two series shown here—Focus and Chaos. In the Focus pieces the neon animates in a slow movements that are almost musical. In contrast the Chaos work animates wildly and energetically.

The spiral shape used in the Focus pieces historically represents expanding awareness. The chosen colors and gentle animation were designed to illustrate the practice of yoga; and the enlightenment found there.

In the Chaos work, it’s all about disruption from politics to nature. All the pieces in this series are designed to animate wildly. In Flood, there is a sense of surging water, in Fire—a crackling fire. The Lies pieces suggest the motions and energy of mockery.

This is the world we live in. We seek peace while being battered by chaos.

About Linda Sue Price:
“I like to mix form, light, reflection and texture. I do this by layering and adding other elements such as clear acrylic rods and reflective backgrounds. While the viewer cannot know the simple and sometimes complex stories behind each piece, they can reconsider their perceptions of neon and the world around them. When I look at a neon tube, I don’t see a sign even if it is. I see a luminous glow. I want to share the beauty and playfulness of neon.” Linda Sue Price

I have been looking at and admiring neon since I was a child living and traveling through the western states. The intense colors and glow of the motel and business signs appealed to me and I thought they were beautiful. A visit to Las Vegas was always special because of extensive use of neon all over the buildings. There was a palm tree in front of one of casinos that I loved. In Southern California, there were special signs that I looked forward to seeing. Long Beach had a drive-in theatre near the traffic circle that had wonderful neon. Motel signs often had animation. I liked to look at them and try to figure out the animation patterns.

I started working with neon as an art media in 2004. I took a neon class through the Museum of Neon Art taught by Michael Flechtner. I wanted to explore a free form style and he encouraged me to try bending. I began studying the craft of bending with Flechtner in 2005.

Installation shots courtesy of TAG Gallery

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