Call for Art
Call for Artists:  “Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance 2″

Call for Artists: “Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance 2″

Call for Artists:

“Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance 2”

“Call and Response” is a project organized by Kristine Schomaker and her team at Shoebox PR: Sheli Silverio, Emily Wiseman, S Vollie Osborn and Susan T. Kurland.

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Drawing on the tradition of Jazz, this project is meant as a way for us to stay connected, to check in with each other and to support each other. This is collaboration at a distance.

No Fee to participate.


Check out our first iteration of this project to get an idea of how artists worked together:

How this works:
Artist #1 will create a piece of art within 24 hours and send a digital version of it to Artist #2. Remember, this can be anything. It can be poetry, it can be photography or video. It can be painting or drawing, collage or sculpture. It is about sitting down and being creative and interacting with someone.
Artist #2 will then have 24 hours to create a response to it in any medium and with any tools available to them. They will in turn send a digital version of it back to Artist #1 who will create a new work in response. There can be up to 14 pieces to your collaboration. And that is ok!!

We chose to make the turn around 24 hours because we wanted to keep things moving. Remember that your partner also has 24 hours. This is like ping-pong. We don’t want the turn around to be too long and stagnate the process. If you only have 20 minutes in your day, then make something in 20 minutes and that is fine. This is not meant to make any extra stress, it is meant to relieve stress and anxiety. Have fun, experiment, play, think outside the box. Use the materials that you have, in the space that you have, with the time that you have. You never know this may change your art practice for the better!

At the end of the two weeks we will create an online exhibition and potentially a show in a physical space in the future.

The final artwork in your partnership should be finished by Wednesday May 1st at 6pm.

Please have one person send all images of finished work in a file folder either through Dropbox, Google drive or Wetransfer to by Monday May 4th at 6pm. The folder should be titled with both of your first and last names.

The jpegs/videos in each file should be titled with the number it was created and your first and last name. For example: 1 Kristine Schomaker, 2 Sheli Silverio, 3 Kristine Schomaker, 4 Sheli Silverio… and so on. 

When you send the images, please make them 900 pixels on the longest side. All video files please condense to smallest size for web.

The exhibition will premiere online on May 9th at 3pm when we will also have an opening reception via Zoom. More info to come.

Artists are free to create brand new work or work on top of their partner’s creations. The idea is to stimulate the creative process and interact at a distance. You can work with your partner to decide what works best for you.

Please read all and follow directions- It is very important for uploading all of the work and keeping everything organized


Your contact info for participation due April 15th 4pm pst

We will draw the names of the pairs randomly on April 15th at 6pm via FB Live on Shoebox PR

Start date April 16th 6pm pst

Finish date May 1st 6pm pst

All material due May 4th 6pm pst

Opening Reception Zoom May 9th 3-5pm pst


Please send us your information (see below) by Wednesday April 15th at 4pm pst. We will randomly pair you up with another artist and you will have two weeks to work together electronically and create as a call and response.

If you are interested in participating and being paired with another artist who you may or may not know send your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, CITY/STATE/COUNTRY, WEBSITE AND/OR SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES to

If you don’t think you will be able to take on this call and response for 2 weeks, please don’t apply. You are being paired up with another artist who will rely on you.

Previous artists may participate again.

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