In the Studio with Palmer Earl

In the Studio with Palmer Earl

by Kristine Schomaker

Hera, Aphrodite, Athena

When was the first time that you remember realizing that you are a creative person?

I think that all people are born with creative ability and I have never felt lacking in that area. Using my creativity for painting has brought me a sense of satisfaction and joy since I was a child and has been a major factor in my life.

What does a day in your art practice look like? Before and after Covid 19.

Before Covid-19, I would get to work by nine and paint until about three and sometimes in the evenings. I only stopped for a quick lunch break. I was feeling like I was on a role with my painting. The work was flowing and I was happy with my output.

Since Covid-19, I have had a hard time getting in to the studio. Two or three times a week, I spend the day home schooling my kids. On other days I go to the studio but it has been a struggle to focus on painting when it often feels like the world is crumbling. I try to go easy on myself and paint things that are less challenging things for the moment.

Revenge of the Great Goddess

What do you wish to accomplish with your art?

On a basic level, I want to make an image that is dynamic and pleasing to look at but somewhat challenging in subject. Additionally, I hope that some of the ideas I am exploring pertaining to the history of female subordination, come through to the viewer through my narratives and symbolism.

How has your art evolved over the years? Has it changed since Covid-19?

Generally, I produce more paintings than I used to because I have learned to shut out my inner critic when it tries to shoot down ideas for new paintings and keep me from working. The work I am doing now involves extensive research and often deals with specific historical or mythological events. My earlier work was based more on my personal experiences or feelings. I like to think I’ve gotten better at expressing what I want to while still leaving a painting open to interpretation. I try to suggest rather than tell.

Enuma Elish

Do you ever find yourself limited by the materials that you have available?

I am quite happy using acrylics and have never felt they limited me in any way.

What is the most challenging part about being an artist?

I find it hard to regularly carve out time for office work which is anything pertaining to self-promotion, networking or general organization. Time I could use for painting is hard to give up.

What are your words of wisdom for someone starting out in your field?
Be serious about your art. Spend as much time and thought on it as you would any other career. You must learn to work through “artist’s block” and not let insecurity keep you from working.

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Top Image: Hera, Aphrodite, Athena
Second Image: Revenge of the Great Goddess
Third Image: Enuma Elish