Online Art Exhibition
Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 2

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 2

Dani Dodge

“Call and Response” is a project organized by Kristine Schomaker, Sheli Silverio, S. Vollie Osborn, Emily Wiseman and Susan T. Kurland of Shoebox PR/Art and Cake.

Drawing on the tradition of Jazz and Exquisite Corpse, this project is meant as a way for us to stay connected, to check in with each other and to support each other. This is collaboration at a distance.

Please join us for the opening reception of the online exhibition via zoom Saturday May 9th, 3-5pm.

Featured Artists: Cheryl Wilder/Bibi Davidson, Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja/Julia Montgomery, Adrienne Cole/Genie Davis, Aline Mare/Taly Bar, Anne M Bray/Angelo Izzo, Ashton S. Phillips/Karrie Ross, britta k/Lissa Young, Chris Fontaine/Madeline Arnault, Dale Voelker/Victor Wilde, Dani Dodge/Kerrie Smith, David Estrada/Susan T. Kurland, Diane Cockerill/Diana Linquata, Gini Mann-Deibert/Autumn Palen, Heather Arndt/Sonji Art, Ibuki Kuramochi/Sandy Huse, Jessica Chappe/Mia Risberg, Jody Zellen/Kimberlee Koym-Murteira, Katie Stubblefield/Sarah Knouse, Kayla Cloonan/Elizabeth Flinsch, Kimberly Morris/Linda Stelling, Kristine Augustyn/Jill D’Agnenica, Kristine Schomaker/Sheli Silverio, Mathilda LaZelle/Rebecca Bennett Duke, Nancy Kay Turner/Hillory Rex, Pascha Goodwin/Tom Lasley, Rain Lucien Matheke/Eris Sharon, Robyn Alatorre/Dwora Fried, S. Vollie Osborn/Zarina Silverman, Sohani Holland/Laura Henneforth, Susan J. Osborn/Jeannine Chanin-Penn, Tina Linville/Emily Wiseman

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round #1 can be seen here.

Adeola Aiyeloja and Julia Montgomery

Adrienne Cole Genie Davis

Ashton Phillips and Karrie Ross

Britta K and Lissa Young

Cheryl Wilder and Bibi Davidson

Anne M. Bray and Angela Izzo

Chris Fontaine and Madeline Arnault

Dale Voelker and Victor Wilde

Dani Dodge and Kerrie Smith

David Estrada and Susan T. Kurland

Diane Cockerill and Diane Linquata

Dwora Fried and Robyn Alatorre

Gini Mann Deibert and Autumn Palen

Heather Arndt and Sonji Art

Ibuki Kuramochi and Sandy Huse

Jessica Chappe and Mia Risberg

Katie Stubblefield Sarah Knouse

Kayla Cloonan and Elizabeth Flinsch

5 Kayla Cloonan

Kimberlee Koym and Jody Zellen

Kimberly Morris and Linda Stelling

Kristine Augustyn and Jill D’Agnenica

3 Kristine Augustyn
7 Kristine Augustyn
15 Kristine Augustyn

Nancy Kay Turner and Hillory Rex

Pascha Goodwin and Tom Lasley

Rain Matheke and Eris Sharon

Rebecca Bennett Duke and Mathilda Lazella

8 Rebecca Bennett Duke
10 Rebecca Bennett Duke

S. Vollie Osborn and Zarina Silverman

Sheli Silverio and Kristine Schomaker

Sohani Holland and Laura Henneforth

Susan Osborn and Jeannine Chanin Penn

Taly Bar and Aline Mare

Tina Linville and Emily Wiseman