Our Shoebox Community Under Quarantine

Our Shoebox Community Under Quarantine

We would like to celebrate our community by sharing their activities while in quarantine. Some have been in the studio working, while others have been gardening or learning a new skill. No matter what, they have found a creative outlet for distraction, self care or just because they have to continue working. We hope you are able to continue doing what makes you happy during these weeks of self-isolation. Be kind to yourselves and stay healthy.

Eric Sanders

Pam Douglas

Betzi Stein

Stevie Love
I’m writing a book about how we built our adobe house twelve years ago. The book will be published jointly by Griffith Moon and MOAH in 2021. I am spending hours and days describing the process of getting the land, drilling for water, making the adobe blocks, and building the house. One of my favorite elements of the completed house are these tiles on the kitchen walls. They are geometric but with an undulating quality that make them a perfect fit with the handmade adobe house.

Lauren Mendelsohn-Bass

Karen Hochman Brown
I am making masks for the Altadena Mask Project. Also doing a lot of gardening.

Sheli Silverio

Kristine Schomaker

S. Vollie Osborn

Susan T. Kurland

Emily Wiseman

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