Online Art Exhibition
Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 3

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 3

“Call and Response” is a project organized by Kristine Schomaker, Sheli Silverio, S. Vollie Osborn, Emily Wiseman and Susan T. Kurland of Shoebox PR/Art and Cake.

Drawing on the tradition of Jazz and Exquisite Corpse, this project is meant as a way for us to stay connected, to check in with each other and to support each other. This is collaboration at a distance.

Please join us for the opening reception of the online exhibition via zoom Saturday June 6th, 3-5pm.

Featured Artists: Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja/Aazam Irilian, Adrienne Cole/Genie Davis, Alex Smith/Kess Kin, Anne M Bray/Kayla Cloonan, Bonnie Blake/Alyssa Haley Moon, Brenda Zhang/Susan Amorde, britta k/Madeline Arnault, Charlie Roses/Thomas-Joseph Carrieri, Dale Voelker/Julia Hays, Dwora Fried/Kristine Augustyn, Jason Jenn/Bibi Davidson, Jeannine Chanin-Penn/Susan Karhroody, Jen Snoeyink/Coleman Griffith, Jody Zellen/Francisco Alvarado, Julia Montgomery/Faina Kumpan, Karen Hochman Brown/Heather Lowe, Kerrie Smith/Dellis Frank, Kimberlee Koym-Murteira/Andrea Nhuch, Laura Henneforth/Jennifer Korsen, Lina Kogan/Conchi Sanford, Mari Mansourian/June Stoddard, Natasha Rudenko/Alex Chiou, Pascha Goodwin/Saidie Schiffman-Eller, Pau Gold/ALejandra Retta, Paul Wierzbicki/Nancy/Kay Turner, Rain Lucien Matheke/Ibuki Kuramochi, Rouzanna Berberian/Malky Kertis, RT Livingston/Marta Feinstein, Sarah Stone/Cynthia D. Cole

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round #1 can be seen here and Round 2 can be seen here.

Adeola Davies Aiyeloja and Aazam Irilian

13 Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja

Adrienne Cole and Genie Davis

Alyssa Haley Moon and Bonnie Blake

Ashira Siegel Fox and Sina Evans

Brenda Zhang and Susan Amorde

Britta K and Madeline Arnault

Dale Voelker and Julia Hays

6 Julia Hays (wandering grief)
16 Julia Hays SCRIPT (sevenwondersopeninscene)
16 Julia Hays SOUNDS (colossusofrhodes)
16 Julia Hays SOUNDS (greatpyramidofgiza)
16 Julia Hays SOUNDS (hanginggardensofbabylon)
16 Julia Hays SOUNDS (lighthouseofalexandria)
16 Julia Hays SOUNDS (mauseleumathalicarnassus)
16 Julia Hays SOUNDS (statue of zeus)
16 Julia Hays SOUNDS (templeofartemis)

Dwora Fried and Kristine Augustyn

5 Dwora Fried

Hilary White and Tara Graviss

Jason Jenn and Bibi Davidson

DAY 3 Jason

Some ramblings to go along with the video:
Since we seem to have technology on the brain
Oh far too much
I felt compelled to go from there
But spent so many hours in failure
It just didn’t look right…
Besides, oh technology…
What difference is any of it making?
For every step better
Another step worse
So many screens
Rotting my spirit
Mind full of fog
Heart tired
Neck shooting sharp pains
Too many hours sitting on a bad chair sewing masks
Going to have to get a new chair – but where?
And of course then there is
The stress
I could settle for less
All this terror in the world
So many hateful people spreading their hate in a chaotic time.

Only one things seems right to do
When the hands can’t seem to move in rhythm towards anything productive
To make a work of art that I am happy with…
So I turn to Nature for inspiration
And just tune in
It is Spring afterall
And the flowers are bursting
Be at peace
When bathing in a bloom

  • Of course I recognize I am making the art with technology…
  • Sigh, you just can’t win!

So, I will give in for now…and see where this leads us…


In response to your writing, I did a little montage with old paintings and sound effects.


In response to your fascinating montage and your words “I wonder what’s going to happen” I thought about a textual video artpiece…
I have decided to explore and document various environments surrounding a nearby stretch of land near the railroad tracks that is not officially a park, but the neighborhood uses it as such particularly more than ever during the home stay period. It was in the background of the first video and is quite a magical place I believe to introduce more of and use. This is just a bit beyond the “park” down the tracks near a major street and mall in background (I may replace the footage with some wideangle version…but for now, this…)

Jeannine Chanin Penn and Susan Karhroody

Jen Snoeyink and Coleman Griffith

Jody Zellen and Francisco Alvarado

Julia Montgomery and Faina Kumpan

Karen Hochman Brown and Heather Lowe

7 Karen Hochman Brown
9 Karen Hochman Brown
10 Heather Lowe gif
11 Karen Hochman Brown
13 Karen Hochman Brown

Kayla Cloonan and Anne M Bray

10_2 Kayla Cloonan

Kelsey Alex Smith and Kess Kin

8 Kess Kin

Kerrie Smith and Dellis Frank

Kimberlee Koym and Andrea Nhuch

Laura Henneforth and Jennifer Korsen

Lina Kogan and Conchi Sanford

Mari Mansourian and June Stoddard

Natasha Rudenko and Alex Chiou

6 Alex Chiou

We seek answers that
cannot be found, only made
Our suns are in us

12 Alex Chiou

And from the chaos
it came forth. Her mightiest
red pearl sang and glowed


14 Alex Chiou

The red river ebbs
and flows, carving the milky
heart of this new land


16 Alex Chiou

Years of division
We mustn’t repeat the past. Black
and brown, rise and soar!

Pascha Goodwin and Sadie Schiffman-Eller

Pau Gold and Alejandra Retta

Paul Wierzbicki and Nancy Kay Turner

Rain Matheke and Ibuki Kuramochi

Rouzana Berberian and Malky Kertis

RT Livingston and Marta Feinstein

Sarah Stone and Cynthia Cole

Sharon Kagan and Snezana Petrovic

Shelley Heffler and Sarah Svetlana

Susan Osborn and Sky Palkowitz