Online Art Exhibition
Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 7

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 7

In March 2020 when we went on lockdown due to the pandemic, the Shoebox PR team created “Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance” as a way to stay connected and to check in with and support each other. We are now going into Round 8 and have enjoyed the process, experiences and friendships that we have made. The project draws on the tradition of Jazz and Exquisite Corpse as a way for the artists to ping pong creatively off of each other. We are looking forward to continuing on for as long as we are needed.

Please join us for the opening reception of the online exhibition via zoom SaturdayOctober 3rd, 3-5pm pst.

Featured Artists:

Ibuki Kuramochi, David Forlano, Emily Wiseman, Lina Kogan, Lora ChauDavis, Stacy Prihoda, Ashley Violet Hester, Darren McManus, Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja, Xavier Cázares Cortéz, Jody Zellen, Kerrie Smith, Rhiannon Barry, Tom Jones, Martin Cox, Lyla Paakkanen, Zsuzsanna Safranyos, Brooke Metcalfe, BARD (Barbara Ayala Rugg Diehl), Andrea Nhuch, Beatrice Antonie Martino, Olive Hays, Elena Viktorovna Stromberger, Joanne Le Cocq, Marta Feinstein, Maureen Vastardis, Miglė Ceinorytė, Daryke Cassar, Beth Lynne, Stacie Birky Greene, Angela Brooks, Jessica Nora, Kimberlee Koym, Hilary White, Valerie Samuel Henderson, Britta K, Denise Fontaine-Pincince, Kayla Cloonan, Adrienne Cole, Mizz Conchi, Anne M Bray, Pau Gold, Galina Kovshilovsky, Michele Mekel, Natalie Roper, Nina Zdanovic, Heather Arndt, Katie Stubblefield, Amy Uyeki, Annie Stromquist, Genie Davis, Ann Storc, Kristine Augustyn, Sean-Michael Gettys, Francisco Alvarado, Karen Hochman Brown, Jonathan Brooks, Betty Rosen, Susan Joseph, Molly Peters, Madeline Arnault, Marthe Aponte, Lucy Boyd-Wilson, Catherine W Singer, Pascha Goodwin, Stacey Moore, Brenda Oelbaum, Sky Palkowitz, Susan Karhroody, Deborah Reilly, Nancy Kay Turner, Phoenix Coverley, Aazam Irilian, Elaine T Nguyen, Dani Lamorte, Robin Repp, Dellis Frank, Maria Sathaliya, Stefania Aldeberan Breveglieri, Stephen Anderson, Michelle Lopate, Sue Cutler

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 1 can be seen here Round 2 can be seen here Round 3 can be seen here and Round #4 can be seen here Round 5 can be seen here Round 6 can be seen here

Round 8 is open for participation through October 11 at 4pm pst. Info on how to submit is here

Cover image by Sean-Michael Gettys

Artist Talk October 3, 2020

Natalie Roper and Nina Zdanovic

Susan Joseph and Molly Peters

Dellis Frank and Maria Sathaliya

Jody Zellen and Kerrie Smith

Beth Lynn and Stacie Birky Greene

Stefania Aldebaran Breveglieri and Stephen Anderson

Angela Rae Brooks and Jessica Nora

Francisco Alvarado and Karen Hochman Brown

Ibuki Kuramochi and David Forlano

1 Ibuki Kuramochi
3 Ibuki Kuramochi
4 David Forlano
5 Ibuki Kuramochi
7 Ibuki Kuramochi
9 Ibuki Kuramochi
11 Ibuki Kuramochi

Kristine Augustyn and Sean-Michael Gettys

4 (b) Sean-Michael Gettys
4 -Sean-Michael-Gettys
6 Sean-Michael Gettys
8 Sean Michael Gettys
10 Sean Michael Gettys
12 Sean Michael Gettys
14 Sean Michael Gettys Vote

Stacey Moore and Pascha Goodwin

2 Pascha Goodwin
4 Pascha Goodwin
6 Pascha Goodwin
8 Pascha Goodwin
10 Pascha Goodwin
12 Pascha Goodwin
14 Pascha Goodwin

Rhiannon Barry and Tom Jones

Madeline Arnault and Marthe Aponte

Jonathan Brooks and Betty Rosen

Aazam Irilian and Elaine Nguyen

Anne M Bray and Pau Gold

Kimberlee Koym-Murteira and Hilary White

6_Hilary White

Miglé Ceinoryté and Daryke Cassar

Lora ChauDavis and Stacy Prihoda