Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 9

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 9

In March 2020 when we went on lockdown due to the pandemic, the Shoebox PR team created “Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance” as a way to stay connected and to check in with and support each other. We are now going into Round 10 and have enjoyed the process, experiences and friendships that we have made. The project draws on the tradition of Jazz and Exquisite Corpse as a way for the artists to ping pong creatively off of each other. We are looking forward to continuing on for as long as we are needed.

Please join us for the opening reception of the online exhibition via zoom Saturday December 5, 3-5pm pst.

Featured Artists:

Aazam Irilian, Gail Downey, ADEOLA DAVIES-AIYELOJA, Kayla Cloonan, Adrienne Cole, Joanne Le Cocq, Angela Brooks, Victoria Martino, Ann Storc, Alfred Lowenheim, Beatrice Antonie Martino, Reksi Muhammad Sidik, Cristina Natsuko Paulos, Stacey Moore, David Forlano, Eva-Marie Amiya, Emily Wiseman, Gale Bongiovanni, Francisco Alvarado, Cynthia Cole, Genie Davis, Libby Hartigan, Ibuki Kuramochi, Kristine Schomaker, Jody Zellen, Sean-Michael Gettys, June Stoddard, Elena Viktorovna Stromberger, Katie Stubblefield, Maria Sathaliya, Kristine Augustyn, Michele “Mish”, Lorraine Bubar, Pau Gold, Madeline Arnault, Lyla Paakkanen, Michele Mekel, Rhiannon Barry, Molly Peters, Ashley Violet, Pascha Goodwin, Nancy Good, rain lucien matheke, Randi Matushevitz, Sema’Jay Hall, Thomas X, Sue Cutler, Stephanie Sydney

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 1 can be seen here Round 2 can be seen here Round 3 can be seen here and Round #4 can be seen here Round 5 can be seen here Round 6 can be seen here Round 7 can be seen here Round 8 can be seen here

Round 10 is open for participation through December 6 at 4pm pst. Info on how to submit is here

Cover artwork by Eva Marie Amiya

Aazam Irilian and Gail Downey

Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja and Kayla Cloonan

1-AdeolaDavies-Aiyeloja “When the Smoke Came

2-Kayla Cloonan Let Water Wash it Away

3-AdeolaDavies-Aiyeloja Cleansing With Mother Earth Soil

4-Kayla Cloonan Existence Is Not Free

5-AdeolaDavies-Aiyeloja Seeking Footprints Freedom

6-Kayla Cloonan I Just Don_t Know

7-AdeolaDavies-Aiyeloja This Here…

8-Kayla Cloonan How Do You Know if You_re Angry if You Don_t Have a Mask

9-AdeolaDavies-Aiyeloja Happy Turkey Day

10-Kayla Cloonan Family from Afar

11-AdeolaDavies-Aiyeloja Hip, Hip…

12-Kayla Cloonan A Light in the Darkness

13-AdeolaDavies-Aiyeloja Flaming Joy and Hope!

Adrienne Cole and Joanne Le Cocq

1 Adrienne Cole

2 Joanne Le Cocq

6 Joanne Le Cocq_Exploring a Landscape’s Moods

7 Adrienne Cole

10B Joanne Le Cocq_Shimmering_Falling_Leaves

12 Joanne Le Cocq Moonflower_Landing

Angela Brooks and Victoria Martino

Ann Storc and Alfred Lowenheim

1 Ann Storc

2 Alfred Lowenheim

3 Ann Storc

4 Alfred Lowenheim

5 Ann Storc

6 Alfred Lowenheim

10 Alfred Lowenheim

14 Alfred Lowenheim

15 Ann Storc

16 Alfred Lowenheim

Beatrice Antonie Martino and Reksi Muhammad Sidik

Cristina Natsuko Paulos and Stacey Moore

1 Cristina Natsuko Paulos

2 Stacey Moore

3 Cristina Natsuko Paulos

4 Stacey Moore

5 Cristina Natsuko Paulos

6 Stacey Moore

7 Cristina Natsuko Paulos

8 Stacey Moore

9 Cristina Natsuko Paulos

10 Stacey Moore

11 Cristina Natsuko Paulos

12 Stacey Moore

David Forlano and Eva-Marie Amiya

Emily Wiseman and Gale Bongiovanni

Francisco Alvarado and Cynthia Cole

Genie Davis and Libby Hartigan

1A Genie Davis


Find my heart and let it go
down this road,
down this road.
Tired of those

who see some hope,
empty spaces
let them roll.
Once a highway

took me on
I was gone,
I was gone.
Sprawled out on

this emerald lawn,
this golden beach.
Into the darkness
of the night-black sea,

welcome me.
This empty chair is my
vacant throne.
On I go,

on I go.
What do you tell
your child at night?
Sleep tight,

‘til morning bright.
While I wait here
to catch meteors.
Let them fall,

let them soar,
you were the one
I did adore.
Now let them soar.

2A Libby Hartigan

The meteor’s song
The Stone from which I came
is the only language I know.
I do as the universe exhorts —
not taught not thought shot
through with Quartz —
The future I cannot hold in my hand
Is sand, sand, sand.

3 Genie Davis

Beach and Boat

This is the beach I was born on.
This is the place I will rest.
One stumbles into darkness,
but light streaks down,

a welcome guest.
Invite in those that love you.
Close the door
to those who don’t.

There were always the stars
above you,
even as you bared
your throat.

I stand here,
radiant, incendiary –
ready to turn to ash.
But the danger sails on past us,

and we ask, we ask.
For a new chance at tomorrow,
for unconditional hope,
for everything to get better

before the end of the rope.
Pray then for forgiveness,
for love and joy to float,
like oil atop the water,

life is a sturdy boat.

3a Genie Davis

4 Libby Hartigan Oil & Water

5 Genie Davis

5A Genie Davis


like your eyes as a child.
Green – envy, money,

the vast green lawn,
Christmas tree,
the luminescence
at sunset.

as I am
because you
chose, and I choose.

Is alone really alone?
Azure, infinite, snow,
peace, sleep, sorrow,
shadows on stone.

Deep lakes, pale sky,
rare moonlight
aquamarine, cobalt dream
mourning and morning.

Jewels and orbs,
the color of memory
a wash of watercolor

6 Libby Hartigan

7 Genie Davis

It was the Moon

It was the moon,
a chance, a spell –
It was just as well.
We walked,

and as the pale clouds parted,
there you were,
as you had been,
sweet child.

But once again,
the night pulled close,
tying shut
her dark fog robe.

On we go,
merrily, to see
the Christmas lights.
And we will pretend,

for a time
that they are as bright,
as the celestial moon,

in a nest of clouds.
Star bright, star light,
wishing may
not make things right.

9 Genie Davis

Celestial Space

We are in a celestial space.
Caught between what was
and this new place.
When you turn

the other cheek
do you receive
a new face?
I look away

because the view is
better from another
part of the garden,
where I won’t

remember looking up
at the stars with you.
I spent a lifetime
or two

looking through
telescopes and binoculars
searching for stars.
Who knew?

They were right there,
this new galaxy –
exploding all
around me.

10A Libby Hartigan

Marginalia by Libby Hartigan
(From Autobiography of Red)
–Unlike poets before him, he takes as his model himself.
–exploration becomes not just a trope but mode of existence
–difficulty of lang mirrors necessary imperf. of connect.
Between. Individ.
Way of memory
–cant trust memory
–crown of thorns
>Has to change ending

11 Genie Davis

Change the Ending

I want to change the ending,
weave a new web,
cast a new spell.
In which that moment

before and after
Nothing gets worse,
only better.

The same story unfolds
in a different way.
He doesn’t say
no, never.

You just laugh it off,
very little
for you rely

as you once did,
look for wisdom
to explain

  • and the small child

in you, from you,
of you
still remains.

I am drinking a good wine,
watching a car
drive away.
I fell asleep

but was not dreaming.
I want to change the ending,
spin a new story.
How it all began, though,

the same.
Dangling composition,

Maybe if nothing,
maybe if I held my breath,
maybe it won’t rain.

13 Genie Davis

The Alley

Walk down this shadow street
wait for the light
to meet
all this darkness –

every day,
take it away.
There are always
new restrictions,

that I no longer hold.
It is all a series of
changing rules,

set by fools
whom I cannot abide.
This alley
narrows to a point

in which there is no passage.
At the core of it,
I wait for some illumination
to show me the route

out. Does it exist?
Up and over?
In between
the lines and lies,

I sense an answer –
too inchoate yet to form,
still unborn,
still gestating…

Ibuki Kuramochi and Kristine Schomaker

1 Ibuki Kuramochi – Transfiguration

3 Ibuki Kuramochi – Liquefaction

5 Ibuki Kuramochi About the Body

8 Kristine Schomaker – Invisible

9 Ibuki Kuramochi Cuticula

11 Ibuki Kuramochi Manejada

12 Kristine Schomaker – Duality

13 Ibuki Kuramochi Entropy

14 Kristine Schomaker Burst

Jody Zellen and Sean Micheal-Gettys

June Stoddard and Elena Viktorovna Stromberger

3 June Stoddard

the beach

I walked to the beach today.
My pup trotting, curious and whining
all the way, eager, for love.
Scared, she kept distance from the crashing waves.
My old dog would have run toward the
seagulls, grouped apart, white and grey,
and reveled in their flight.
Pepper, respectful, observant, sits
while each gull watches her,
and flies away one by one.

5 June Stoddard

Unreality of Now

Listening to podcasts, listening to news.
My puppy licks my hands as I write.
The crook of my wrist is licked clean.
She starts on the fingers.
I yearn for lightness of being
for joy, she embodies this.
She rests her head on my wrist
as I type, looking at me expectantly
knowing already that I love her.
I could not write with a pen
with her head on my wrist.

Katie Stubblefield and Maria Sathaliya

Kristine Augustyn and Michele Wong

1 Kristine Augustyn

2 Michele Wong_ Fusion in Flight

3 Kristine Augustyn

4 Michele Wong_ Explore & Enjoy

5 Kristine Augustyn

6 Michele Wong_ Who’s Watching

7 Kristine Augustyn

8 Michele Wong_ Guiding Light

9 Kristine Augustyn

10 Michele Wong_ Dream and Believe

11 Kristine Augustyn

12 Michele Wong_ Discover

13 Kristine Augustyn

14 Michele Wong_ Let the Sun Shine

Lorraine Bubar and Pau Gold

Madeline Arnault and Lyla Paakkanen

Michele Mekel and Rhiannon Barry

8-Rhiannon Barry

9-Michele Mekel


Beyond the beaconing mists,
mystery awaits,
offering up either mirth or mayhem.

My will, reprehensibly weak,
despite the urgings of my better angels,
bends and then surely buckles.

May the Fates have mercy
in unleashing
Pandora’s revenge.

10-Rhiannon Barry

12-Rhiannon Barry

Molly Peters and Ashley Violett Hester

Pascha Goodwin and Nancy Good

16-Nancy Good

Rain Lucien Matheke and Randi Matushevitz

1 Rain Matheke__Entropy in Neon (Scales)

2 Randi Matushevitz #2

3 Rain Matheke__Entropy in Neon (Ache)_

4 Randi Matushevitz #4

5 Rain Matheke__Entropy in Neon (Cleanse)_

6 Randi Matushevitz #6a

7 Rain Matheke__Entropy in Neon (Gaze)_

8 Randi Matushevitz #8

9 Rain Matheke__Entropy in Neon (Lost)_

10 Randi Matushevitz #10

Sema’Jay Hall & Thomas X

5 Sema’Jay Hall

Sue Cutler and Stephanie Sydney