Online Art Exhibition
Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 10

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 10

In March 2020 when we went on lockdown due to the pandemic, the Shoebox PR team created “Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance” as a way to stay connected and to check in with and support each other. We are now going into Round 10 and have enjoyed the process, experiences and friendships that we have made. The project draws on the tradition of Jazz and Exquisite Corpse as a way for the artists to ping pong creatively off of each other. We are looking forward to continuing on for as long as we are needed.

Please join us for the opening reception of the online exhibition via zoom Saturday January 2, 3-5pm pst.

Featured Artists:

Sema’Jay Hall, Francisco Alvarado, Brenda Oelbaum, Beatrice Antonie Martino, Arpad Petrass, Galina Kovshilovsky, Michele Mekel, rain lucien matheke, Katie Small, Madeline Arnault, Kess Kin, Pascha Goodwin, Nancy Good, Gini Mann-Deibert, britta k, Sonji, Gail Downey, Alfred Lowenheim, Pau Gold, BEATRICE WOLERT, Angela Brooks, Ibuki Kuramochi, Cynthia D. Cole, Joanne Le Cocq, Jess Levey, Dellis Frank, Jody Zellen, Aazam Irilian, Ada Pullini Brown, Lyla Paakkanen, Rebecca Bennett Duke, ADEOLA DAVIES-AIYELOJA, Victoria Martino, Ann Storc, Jamia Weir, Stacy Prihoda, Kayla Cloonan, Yulia Morris, thomas jones, David Forlano, Libby Hartigan, olive hays, Reenie Charriere, Nancy Kay Turner, Maria Sathaliya, Ashley Violett, Reksi Muhammad Sidik, Stacie Birky Greene, Eva-Marie Amiya, Corinne Lightweaver, Sean-Michael Gettys, Genie Davis

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 1 can be seen here Round 2 can be seen here Round 3 can be seen here and Round #4 can be seen here Round 5 can be seen here Round 6 can be seen here Round 7 can be seen here Round 8 can be seen here Round 9 can be seen here

Round 11 is open for participation through January 10 at 4pm pst. Info on how to submit is here

Cover artwork by Ada Pullini Brown

Ada Pullini Brown and Lyla Paakkanen

Angela Brooks and Ibuki Kuramochi

1 Angela Brooks
2 Ibuki Kuramochi
3 Angela Brooks
4 Ibuki Kuramochi
5 Angela Brooks
6 Ibuki Kuramochi
7 Angela Brooks
8 Ibuki Kuramochi

Arpad Petrass and Galina Kovshilovsky

Brenda Oelbaum and Beatrice Antonie Martino

2_Brenda Oelbaum Peekabo
5 _Brenda Oelbaum
6_Beatrice Antonie Martino
7_Brenda Oelbaum
10_Beatrice Antonie Martino

Britta K and Sonji Art

Cynthia Cole and Joanne Le Cocq

8-B Joanne Le Cocq_The Pebble (video)
9 Cynthia Cole In my dream last night

Eva-Marie Amiya and Corinne Lightweaver

Gail Downey and Al Lowenheim

4 Al Lowenheim
5 Gail Downey
6 Al Lowenheim

Jamia Weir and Stacy Prihoda

Jess Levey and Dellis Frank

1 Jess Levey
2 Dellis Frank Shadows
3 Jess Levey
7 Jess Levey
8 Dellis Frank Exposing the Light
9 Jess Levey

Jody Zellen and Aazam Irilian

Kayla Cloonan and Yulia Morris

14 Yulia Morris_YAY!

Kess Kin and Pascha Goodwin

Libby Hartigan and Olive Hays

6 olive hays
7 Libby Hartigan File Cabinet
8 olive hays
9 Libby Hartigan Tectonic
10 olive hays
11 Libby Hartigan

Madeline Arnault and Katherine Small

Maria Sathaliya and Ashley Hester

Nancy Good and Gini Mann-Diebert

Pau Gold and Bea Wolert