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Moments | Eric Sanders at Shoebox Projects

Moments | Eric Sanders at Shoebox Projects

Eric Sanders | Moments
Online Solo exhibition

Curated by Camilla Taylor

Shoebox Projects

On View Feb 20 to Mar 19
Opening/Artist Talk with Camilla Taylor Feb 20, 3-4pm

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The prints in Moments are meditations on and reflections of my relationship with my girlfriend Anna. We are consciously exploring the shifting dynamic of two people, each with our own private needs and boundaries, and the intersection where our two selves merge. These prints are a metaphoric representation of our journey.

In these images, personas are symbolized by color: Anna’s color is red, mine is blue. There is a shifting palette when the colors begin to merge, and when there is union, the color purple appears.

These works combine various approaches to printmaking: lithography transfer, monoprint, chine-collé, collagraph, and direct painting on the surfaces. The various forms of printmaking capture different states of mind and refer to the multi-faceted dynamics of my relationships, both to my work and to Anna. These different techniques convey nuances in these relationships that are difficult to express in words but unfold metaphorically through form.

The source images for these works were intentionally culled from Anna’s and my day-to-day cell phone photos of each other that capture each of us in our own interior worlds. The freedom to use photography transferred to lithography and layering images, then using a variety of different techniques and mediums, is a richly satisfying process that allows the themes I intend to convey to emerge intuitively.

The combination of the figurative and abstract elements is another way I explore and communicate feelings about my relationship with Anna. When we see a realistic image, it suggests the rational linear aspect of the individual self. Abstraction reflects a more poetic and subjective way of seeing. When we look at a relationship from a more abstract space we are gaining a broader perspective, moving away from one’s ego to a space where two different people in a relationship are in balance.

In this work, my aim is to speak in a clear and emotionally vulnerable way about intimacy, love, and the process of overcoming fears that can block one from being able to love oneself and another, allowing a deeper relationship to evolve. Moments is a visual metaphor of this process of two people exploring the contours of self and love.

ERIC SANDERS discovered the joy of painting at age six when his father first gave him art lessons. He continued to paint throughout college but upon graduation from George Washington University (Washington, DC) turned his focus towards building and establishing a successful entrepreneurial career. For three intervening decades, his brushes lay dormant. Following the sale of Sanders Industries in 2014, Sanders returned to making art full-time and established a studio in Manhattan Beach, CA.

Concurrent with his artistic practice, Sanders is actively involved in philanthropy and established the Sanders Family Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity, in 2015. The Foundation supports organizations fostering sustainable change in developing countries with a specific focus on initiatives directed towards women and children. Since its inception, the Foundation has allocated funds to Global Communities, the Global Livingston Institute, Groundswell International, Nuru International, Project Care International, and World Neighbors.

CAMILLA TAYLOR was born in California, and was raised in Utah. She now lives and works in Los Angeles. Taylor received a BFA from the University of Utah, and an MFA with an emphasis on printmaking from California State University at Long Beach. Recent solo and group exhibitions include What She Said, ace/121 Gallery, Glendale, CA (2020); Black, Los Angeles, CA (2019); Continuant, Noysky Projects, Hollywood, CA (2019); Other Voices, Woodbury Museum, Provo UT (2019); Didn’t you know what you were carrying on your back?, Rosalux Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2019); Erotic Vulvic Phallis, Pøst Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2019).