Online Art Exhibition
Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 12

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 12

In March 2020 when we went on lockdown due to the pandemic, the Shoebox Arts team created “Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance” as a way to stay connected and to check in with and support each other. We are now going into Round 13 and have enjoyed the process, experiences and friendships that we have made. The project draws on the tradition of Jazz and Exquisite Corpse as a way for the artists to ping pong creatively off of each other. We are looking forward to continuing on for as long as we are needed.

Please join us for the opening reception of the online exhibition via zoom Saturday March 11, 11am-1pm pst.

Featured Artists:

Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez, Stacey Moore, Aidan Mirowsky, Pradnya Kapshikar, Ameyalli Gutiérrez, Azucena “Susie” Trejo Williams, Anne M Bray, Moya Devine, ASHLEY HESTER, Chrystal Robinson-Shofroth, ASHWIN A C, Kelly Clark, Aya Sabry, Alise Sheehan, Brenda Oelbaum, Nino Khundadze, Bushra Gill, Corinne Lightweaver, Candice Greathouse, Mizz Conchi Sanford, Carla Pohl, Priscila Huerta Avila, Debra Vodhanel, Lara Buffard, Elisabeth Kelvin, Zara Kuredjian, Eva Lin Fahey, Mary Frances Christine Ruffatto, Eva-Marie Amiya, VIJAY RAGHAVAN, ilke ilter, Beatrice (Bea) Antonie Martino, Joan Green, Kerrie Smith, Jody Zellen, Anda Marcu, Julie O’Sullivan, Charlotte Forté-Parnell, Kamelyta, Francisco Alvarado, Kim Niehans, Beth McCoy, Kristen Stephen, Aazam Irilian, Larisa-Elena Stan, Shirley Murphy, Leo Francisco, Clara Bolle, Lina Kogan, Genie Davis, Lucy Julia Hale, Ann Storc, Lyla Paakkanen, BEATRICE WOLERT, Matt Milligan, Joseph Alford, Michael Irudayaraj, Jesse Klassen, Michele “Mish”, Ibuki Kuramochi, Michele Mekel, Tina Minal, Michelle Rozic, john hogan, MYLES BROWN, Sabene Rizvi, Pau Gold, Cybil Cavalieri, Pia MYrvoLD, Bimbola Akinbola, Rebecca Bennett Duke, Theodore Heublein, Reksi Muhammad Sidik, Ivonne Navas Dominguez, Rory Sloan, Jennifer Hathaway, Sean-Michael Gettys, Gabriel Embeha, Stacie Birky Greene, ADEOLA DAVIES-AIYELOJA, Stacy Prihoda, Samantha Ayers, Theresa Francisco, Victoria Martino

Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance Round 1 can be seen here Round 2 can be seen here Round 3 can be seen here and Round #4 can be seen here Round 5 can be seen here Round 6 can be seen here Round 7 can be seen here Round 8 can be seen here Round 9 can be seen here Round 10 can be seen here Round 11 can be seen here

Round 13 is open for participation through March 28 at 4pm pst. Info on how to submit is here

Cover photo by Lyla Paakkanen

Artist talk held on March 13, 11am PST

Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez and Stacey Moore

1 Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez – Daños
2 Stacey Moore
3 Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez – silencio entre lineas
4 Stacey Moore
5 Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez – abriendo las entrañas
6 Stacey Moore
7 Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez – Dibujando
8 Stacey Moore
9 Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez – Recuerdo constante
10 Stacey Moore
11 Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez – ¡No te desvanezcas!
12 Stacey Moore
13 Adriana Zúñiga Velásquez – Fluir
14 Stacey Moore

Aidan Mirowsky and Pradnya Kapshikar

Ameyalli Gutierrez and Azucena Susie Trejo Williams

1 Ameyalli Gutiérrez
2 Trejo Williams Ephemeral series
3 Ameyalli Gutiérrez
6 Trejo Williams Ephemeral series
7 Ameyalli Gutiérrez
8 Trejo Williams Ephemeral series
9 Ameyalli Gutiérrez
10 Trejo Williams Ephemeral series
10 Ameyalli Gutiérrez

Anne M Bray and Moya Devine

Ashley Hester and Chrystal Robinson

Aya Sabry and Alise Sheehan

Bimbola Akinbola and Pia MYrvolD

Brenda Oelbaum and Nino Khunadze

7.Brenda Oelbaum
8 Nino Khundadze The flow
9.Brenda Oelbaum
10 Nino Khundadze Abstract Portrait
11.Brenda Oelbaum
10 Nino Khundadze Abstract Portrait
13.Brenda Oelbaum
14 Nino Khundadze Birds

16 Nino Khundadze Scream


Dots fill in spaces,
Lines connect with lines,
Past runs out of the time,
Present crosses the mind!

Memories overload the cup,
Wounds start to bleed in pain with blood,
Feelings are impossible to cope,
I want to run, but I stop!

Soul screams, but there is no sound.
Heart bleeds, but blood is nowhere to be found.
Eyes cry, but no tears to wipe.
I open my mouth to speak, but I scream!
Still no sound!

23.Brenda Oelbaum
24 Nino Khundadze Behind cry_smile
25.Brenda Oelbaum
26 Nino Khundadze Behind cry_smile

26 Nino Khundadze Behind cry_smile

When you cry
the earth is crying!
When you smile
the universe smiles!

Bushra Gill and Corinne Lightweaver

Candice Greathouse and Conchi Sanford

1 Candice Greathouse”Loving You”
2 Conchi Sanford_DUST
3 Candice Greathouse”The Sound of a Heartbeat is”
4 Conchi Sanford_FALLING
5 Candice Greathouse”Trees Breeze”
6 Conchi Sanford_Wind
7 Candice Greathouse”Trees Breeze V.2”
8 Conchi Sanford_CHANGE
9 Candice Greathouse”Hollow Graphic”
10 Conchi Sanford_TREE FLASH
11 Candice Greathouse”🔥💨🎈
12 Conchi Sanford_BULL SHIT
13.Candice Greathouse”BUTTER FLYY”
14 Conchi Sanford_CREEPER

Carla Pohl and Priscila Huerta

Debra Vodhanel and Lara Buffard

Elisabeth Kelvin and Zara Kuredjian

Eva Lin Fahey and Mary Ruffatto