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A note from our Founder, Kristine Schomaker

A note from our Founder, Kristine Schomaker

‘Reality of Nature” at Launch LA

I have been thinking a lot lately about why I do what I do. I used to work in an Emergency Room which was a great job with benefits. But it wasn’t my passion. It wasn’t what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I realized our lives are always evolving and changing and that is OK.

When I first started Shoebox PR (now Shoebox Arts) we mostly did promotion for specific exhibitions. As I got more immersed in the art world. I paid attention to what artists were looking for, what they needed. As an artist myself, as well as an art historian and administrator, I am able to look at the bigger picture and think logically and strategically about the future. I also think passionately and openly about the world of art. It is most definitely not one size fits all. There are so many different paths, different goals, different sizes.

The one constant I see throughout the art world is community. There is no place I would rather be than in Los Angeles surrounded by so many amazing artists, friends, colleagues, peers. The generosity, support, structure that LA has in place for art is like no other.

I started Shoebox Arts because I wanted to help artists. I have the resources, tools, experience, knowledge to support and give back to those who don’t know where to go or how to get there.

I started Art and Cake because I wanted to be part of the art world conversation. I wanted to share the great work of artists throughout LA and beyond.

I had an extra space in my loft at the Brewery so I started Shoebox Projects as a residency and exhibition venue for artists to create and show new work. We have taken Shoebox Projects online due to the pandemic and are hosting solo exhibitions and curated group shows.

I curate shows because I have a vision. I see many themes running through our art world, works that speak to each other both conceptually and formally.

I am an artist, because that is my outlet for everything inside. Being an artist allows me to speak in a different language, communicate and educate and challenge old notions and ideals. I am an artist because I have to be.

I write all of this because sometimes, we need a reminder of why we do what we do. I love art. I love creativity, imagination, intelligence, love, compassion. I love how artists think, react and imagine. I love poetry and music too, but art, this visual language, is something special.

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