Call for Artists: “Call and Response SPECIAL EDITION: TIME”

Call and Response Round 8 Julia Thompson and Jody Zellen “Call and Response SPECIAL EDITION: TIME” “Call and Response” is a project organized by the Shoebox Arts team at the beginning of the pandemic. IG and FB #shoeboxcallandresponse #collaborationatadistance IG @artandcakela @kristineschomaker Drawing on the tradition of Jazz, this project is meant as a way for us to stay […]

In the Studio with Candice Greathouse

What does a day in your art practice look like?My studio practice truly involves a lot of reading and thinking before I make any moves. I like to say ideas are percolating in my mind, sometimes for months (or longer!), until things are really resolved conceptually. Since my practice is primarily video and photo and installation, it can manifest in […]

In the Studio with Eva-Marie Amiya

How do your ideas develop? Sometimes my ideas just spring into my mind like flashes of an image or an overall feeling that I am trying to capture…as if catching a hummingbird or butterfly of an idea or concept. There are times that ideas can start to feel like the beginning of an obsession or an attraction that my mind […]

In the Studio with Adeola Davies-Aiyeloja

What would life be like without art?I try not to imagine what life would be like without art because I know I won’t like it…Why you asked? Life would be boring if one cannot create whether visual or performing art. It will like waking up to a static world. Art has a purpose in this life so I can only […]