In the Studio with Eva-Marie Amiya

In the Studio with Eva-Marie Amiya

How do your ideas develop?

Sometimes my ideas just spring into my mind like flashes of an image or an overall feeling that I am trying to capture…as if catching a hummingbird or butterfly of an idea or concept. There are times that ideas can start to feel like the beginning of an obsession or an attraction that my mind and thoughts just can not rest until I act on it. I have come to realize that photography is a creative language for me. I have discovered that physically expressing my concepts allows me my own self-expression.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by music, movies, other artists, nature, architecture, and things that I perceived that I saw…kind of in line with Pareidolia. 

How does your personal experience(s) influence your creativity?

As much as I run from my past it always seems to seductively work its way into my artwork. As I am immersed in creativity, I always seem to be pulled back to similar subject matters. It has become a veil between myself and my muse as I am extremely private and protective of my own experiences.  While gives me an illusion that at times I am the only one who sees the connection between what makes me me and my artwork. The influence of my personal experiences gives me the unique opportunity to express my experiences artistically rather then verbally.

What is the hardest part of creating your art?

One of the hardest parts of creating is staying within the limitations of my experiences with particular materials, access to obtaining certain materials, and staying within my budget. However, I must say that limitations can be the most exciting aspect of the creative process. I have learned and continue to learn to lean into the obstacle and force myself to think of the best ways to utilize my resources. This allows me to stay within the creative flow. If I let these challenges freeze the creative process I will lose myself and that crazy jumpy energy you get from being so alive by the creative process…it really is one of the best highs in the world.

What is a Day in your art practice?

In my head or in reality…? Coffee and music – usually really loud music so I don’t hear the outside world or those negative thoughts. Once I have teased the idea onto paper or just start creating I can be in the zone for hours or until my family starts needing something (said as nicely as possible…lol). Having this type of day is a luxury, but I am learning to ask for space to create.

Advice to your younger self?

Don’t throw away your artwork! Don’t let photographers that you perceive as knowing it all crush you with their criticism, some people really do not have your best interest at heart. And by all means, DO NOT STOP practicing and creating. 

If you were to live during a different art period, which one would it be?

Early Italian and Northern Renaissance and the Abstract/Impressionist period…actually, too many art periods to really nail down only one. While the early Italian and Northern Renaissance period in the art would not really favor me being a female artist – well shit, aren’t we still waiting for that!? What resonates with me is the richness of color, the symbolism and how the human form starts to bloom during this period is just breathtaking to me. 

Impressionist & Abstract period – I would most likely be found hanging out, sharing ideas in the cafes in Paris drunk on Absinthe all while having deep philosophical conversations with the other artists of the time. Joking aside, I find the deconstruction of what you see and traditionally paint and sculpt intriguing in both of these art movements.