Shoebox Arts


Please join us for our 6 week
professional development workshop
on ZOOM!

Open to artists Nationally

This lab will meet every Monday at 6pm PST
starting March 6th for 6 weeks

Open enrollment through March 6th.
Deadline for the CCI Quick Grant January 15th.

Kristine Schomaker will lead a lively and informative online workshop that will engage artists in learning innovative and effective ways to work and succeed in the 21st century art world.

The Shoebox community is welcoming and close-knit. The invaluable online educational programming addresses fundamental tools to help you succeed as a professional artist.

You will develop skills that will help you build confidence, set goals, get your work out there and define what success means to you.

You will learn the ins and outs and get a behind the scenes look into the business side of art so you can use the knowledge to find your path, your voice and achieve your goals.

When you enroll, you gain access to…

A weekly virtual group meeting (via ZOOM)

Each meeting we will focus on a different aspect of professional development for artists:

Getting your work out there
Portfolio tips
social media
gallery representation
creating your own opportunities
art fairs
exhibition proposals
social anxiety
and more.
(The meetings are not recorded, but you will receive a copy of the PDF after each session)

Mondays 6pm PST
March 6 through April 10th

Virtual studio visit exchange
On a rolling basis, you will be paired with an artist in the group so you can meet up virtually and do a studio visit with each other.

Accountability Partner
We will pair you up with another artist in the workshop to work together on the tools that we go over.

Exclusive Facebook group – Shoebox Lab
This is a place for the Shoebox community to get to know each other in between our virtual meetings. You can ask questions, share resources, upcoming events and more. This group is moderated by the Shoebox team so you will have access to our knowledge and expertise too.

Bi-weekly Call-for-art Subscription
You will have access to our bi-weekly call-for-art subscription. We research and filter out calls for art, grants and residencies to help you gain opportunities for exhibitions, money and community.

Access to Mentorship, Community, Opportunity, Accountability and Encouragement

Early access to exhibition/event opportunities

25% Discount on individual 1-hour consultations (the duration of the workshop)

Fee is $450 for the 6 week workshop (non refundable)

If you live in California, you can apply for a Center for Cultural Innovation quick grant for reimbursement of the costs! Deadline January 15, 2023

To sign up, fill out the google form and submit payment through zelle using or venmo @kristineschomaker
Email us with any questions


Shoebox Labs is truly a must-do for all emerging artists. The program is packed with a multitude of important information that I will be continuing to use for many months to come. I highly recommend this program. ~Lori Markman

Kristine gathered us into an accountability community that seems to have lit a fire for most participants. I have learned so much from her organization, generous sharing of resources, and specific feedback to our efforts. I feel my own work has gotten stronger as a result. I am so happy I took a leap of faith and applied! ~Debra Vodhanel

Kristine Schomaker’s Shoebox Lab has been a game-changer for my fine arts career and also for my motivation. Prior to starting the Shoebox Lab program I felt lost, vacillating between not knowing which marketing/communication/organization tools to use and floundering with the ones that I did pick. Kristine simplified everything and took the guesswork and ambiguity out of how to make a business out of art. Through well-organized information, explanations, suggestions, tools, feedback, and studio visits — Kristine takes a lifetime of hard-won knowledge and distills it down into easy and actionable methods to make making art — successful. ~Daniela Soberman

Kristine is very knowledgeable about the LA art scene, and the workshop is great for meeting other artists who are interested in progressing in their careers; the workshop is very helpful for artists who need some focus on the business side of being an artist. ~Lucas Novak

I would highly recommend Shoebox Lab: the workshop for artists who are at the beginning
of their careers or indeed midway.

The workshop explains how you can achieve a greater sense of success in the business side of
art making. It is done by identifying your goals and identifying the routes you can explore to fulfill them.

I really appreciate how the course is paced. There is a good balance between discussing
business topics one session and making online studio visits the next. The course topics are
covered thoroughly by the very informative Kristine Schomaker. You do not feel inundated by
the information given as it is delivered in an accessible way, with time to ask questions and to hear each others experiences. Learning from each other in an inclusive safe environment makes for a very positive experience.

It has been very beneficial to meet other artists. For me it is a very solitary profession, and can often be hard to make friends with others in the artistic community. This group gives you the opportunity to connect, to share experiences and to practice showing and describing your work to others and gain valuable feedback.

I now know I have a group of colleagues that will be a fountain of knowledge and support
going forward. It will be a pleasure to meet them in person for our group show. ~Kathryn Pitt

I am very glad I signed up for Shoebox Lab. It has been a lot of work, information to absorb and commitment of time but it has been invigorating to make new connections and be a part of a positive environment.

All of the information Kristine provided about best practices and what is currently going on in the art world has been very useful, even when it is about something that doesn’t exactly fit with my goals. The conversations amongst the group, sharing their experiences, ideas and suggestions is a bonus I hadn’t thought about when I signed up. I appreciate getting to meet a wide variety of artists at different points in their career and see their work in depth.

During the pandemic I had been working on many of the class topics and struggling through on my own. Shoebox Lab was like a boost of energy to keep the momentum going and get me to focus on my creative goals and not other peoples!

I was so blown away by the Artist Thrive questions, I would love to have talked about that more. That really impacted me and made me rethink my mindset on some issues.

I had been wanting to sign up for the Shoebox call for artists for a while. The combination of being in class, having worked on my goals and feeling encouraged really helped me engage and apply for things that were a good fit.

Lastly, it has been great to get to know Kristine a bit and I really value the energy and honesty to bring to the class. ~Julie Williams