FREE Workshops, Shoebox Lab, Speed Dating Studio Visits…

FREE Workshops, Shoebox Lab, Speed Dating Studio Visits…

Resources, Strategies and Other Fun Tips

Please join us on Thursday May 11th at 6pm PST for a FREE ONLINE workshop where Kristine Schomaker will share resources, strategies and other fun tips to help you thrive as an artist.

Please sign up below and you will receive an email the day before with the Zoom info.


Please join us for our next 6 week intensive virtual workshop/Incubator
Starting June 18th through July 23rd

Open to artists Internationally

This lab will meet once a week starting June 18th

When you enroll, you gain access to…

A bi-weekly virtual group meeting (via zoom)
Each meeting we will focus on a different aspect of professional development for artists:
Getting your work out there
Portfolio tips
social media
gallery representation
creating your own opportunities
art fairs
exhibition proposals
social anxiety
and more.
(The meetings are not recorded, but you will receive a copy of the powerpoint after each session)

June 18th through July 23rd

Virtual studio visit exchange
When you sign up you will be paired with an artist in the group so you can meet up virtually and do a studio visit with each other.

Accountability Partner
We will pair you up with another artist in the workshop to work together on the tools that we go over.

Exclusive Facebook group – Shoebox Lab
This is a place for the Shoebox community to get to know each other in between our virtual meetings. You can ask questions, share resources, upcoming events and more. This group is moderated by the Shoebox team so you will have access to our knowledge and expertise too.

Bi-weekly Call-for-art Subscription
You will have access to our bi-weekly call-for-art subscription. We research and filter out calls for art, grants and residencies to help you gain opportunities for exhibitions, money and community.

Access to Mentorship, Community, Opportunity, Accountability and Encouragement

Early access to exhibition/event opportunities

25% Discount on individual 1-hour consultations (the duration of the workshop)

Fee is $450 for the 6 week workshop (non refundable)

If you live in California, you can apply for a Center for Cultural Innovation quick grant for reimbursement of the costs! Deadline May 15, 2023

For more information and to sign up:


We had so much fun, we are going to do it again!

Sunday June 11th at 10am PST
Open internationally

FREE to sign up!!

Share your studio or artwork for aprox. 5 minutes over several rounds with other artists.

So far everyone who has done this has loved it. It is inspiring and empowering and connections and collaborations are already being planned!! YAY!!!

This is a great way to get your work out there, get experience talking about your art and meeting new artists.

This will take place on zoom and you will be put into breakout rooms randomly for about 10 minutes at a time. I will give a warning in which you will stop and switch.

You can prepare by showing a PDF, powerpoint, keynote or real time work. You will have access to share your screen if needed. This is great practice for professional presentations and learning to talk about your work.

Be sure to have your website, instagram, email info ready to share with the other artists so you can follow each other.

FYI this is going to be a regular event every 4-6 weeks. Look forward to seeing you soon!!


Text/Message ONLINE exhibition with Shoebox Projects

Text/Message focuses on how we use text in fine art. Whether painting, sculpture, mixed media, video, digital, the use of text plays an integral part in telling stories. It can add a poetic layer, or a humorous anecdote. Text can challenge societal assumptions, activate our inner desires or crusade for long held beliefs. Text also lies.

How do you use text in your artwork? We want to see!!

Curated by Kristine Schomaker


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