Creating an Artistic Legacy with Artwork Archive

Creating an Artistic Legacy with Artwork Archive

ONLINE Webinar
September 13, 6pm PST

Join us for an engaging one-hour webinar focused on practical steps artists can take to shape their artistic legacy and grow their art career. We’ll explore how organizing a comprehensive portfolio and digitally archiving your body of work with Artwork Archive helps shape your story as an artist while freeing up more time for creating. We’ll also demo how the platform makes it simple to share your catalog with collectors and curators. Whether you want your art to endure for generations or propel your career today, this session will equip you to actively build the legacy you want on your own terms.

Hosted by Cassidy Cole of Artwork Archive and Kristine Schomaker of Shoebox Arts

This event is FREE to attend

We will send you the ZOOM link the day before.

It will be recorded.


If you sign up for Artwork Archive use this link https://www.artworkarchive.com/shoeboxarts and get 20% off your first year.

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