UPCOMING WORKSHOP: GOAL SETTING FOR ARTISTS – January 7th 1PM PST It’s a new year. Goals change and evolve. Have you sat down and really looked at who you are and what you want to achieve for 2024? This workshop is geared towards helping you figure out smaller doable goals, up to larger goals that involve more planning and time. […]

In the Studio with Angelica Sotiriou

Studio patio, 10/23, p.rausch What does a day in your practice look like?My day painting starts weeks before my brush ever touches the canvas.  Most of my works are a melding of world events, personal prayers, favorite passages from what I am reading.  Each painting starts from sitting silently and allowing myself to make visual the things that loom largest […]

How Do You Know You’re an Artist?

by Kristine Schomaker “Storage Wars” at The Hole, Los Angeles. Photo by Kristine Schomaker ‘A great artist has to be ready to fail.” Marina Abramović: Advice to the young. I was listening to this youtube video with Marina Abramović this morning. While I took some of the ideas with a grain of salt, others stuck with me. How do I […]