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Body Doubling for Artists!! Shoebox has a new service!!

Body Doubling for Artists!! Shoebox has a new service!!

Recently I found out I have ADHD. This was a revelation and made so much sense. Why couldn’t I accomplish easy tasks? Why do I procrastinate? Why do I have so many lists that I keep adding too and feel like I am getting no where!?

The one thing I am good at is searching out solutions. I want help. I want to find out how I can live a productive life while dealing with the many things I deal with. My eating disorder for one. And being an artist for another!

Most of the time, I get so many ideas for supporting artists, including myself, through the mental health field. Body Doubling is a no brainer!!

‘Body doubling’ is a strategy people with ADHD can use to accomplish more than they would alone. Here is a great article on CNN.

Let’s work together, while alone, but together to get some work done!!!

Starting January 1st, we have a new online membership program. It is low cost, but high support! This is what you receive:

  • Weekly Zoom Office hours – Mondays 11am PST (Open forum Q&A)
  • Weekly Zoom co-working session – Thursdays 11am PST (Get work done, alone – but together)
  • Monthly In Person Critique Group 3rd Sunday of the month 2pm PST
  • Shoebox Speaker – Dates tbd based on speakers schedule
  • In person gallery, artist studio meet-ups – Dates tbd based on schedules

Follow the link in bio for pricing/discounts and to sign up!!