Our Team

Shoebox PR was created in February 2014 when Kristine Schomaker started working with a friend who needed help getting press for an exhibition. Working as social media, marketing and advertising manager for the Brewery Artwalk Association and an artist herself, Kristine has been using social media and press to gain exposure for her own art and that of the artists she supports at the Brewery. She realized very fast how much artists were looking for help getting their work out to the public, media and galleries. Most artists want to focus on working in the studio rather than handling the business side of art. Kristine’s many years of administrative experience as well as her skills in leadership, organization, art history education and knowledge of the art world have given her the experience needed to help these artists gain greater exposure for their work so they can continue to create unhindered.

The Shoebox PR Team:

KRISTINE SCHOMAKER is an Art Historian, Curator, Publisher, Art Manager and multidisciplinary artist living and working at the Brewery artist complex and Keystone Art Space in Los Angeles, California. She earned her BA in Art History and MA in Studio Art from California State University at Northridge where she studied under Betty Ann Brown and Samantha Fields. In 2014 Kristine founded Shoebox PR aimed at helping artists gain a presence in the art world.

Kristine started an open critique meet-up that takes place every 2-3 months, runs an alternative art space, Shoebox Projects at the Brewery and is an Art Activator for the organization Artists Thrive. She founded the Facebook groups: Artists Trading Co and Artist Classifieds, created a researched subscription program for calls-for-art for artists, started a free peer mentorship program and Call and Response: Collaboration at a Distance currently on Round 12.

Kristine is also the publisher of Art and Cake a contemporary L.A. Art magazine reviewing shows, interviewing art influencers and covering art world events that will impact how the Los Angeles art scene will be remembered. Kristine has taught art history at Antelope Valley College and Pasadena City College, formed an artist collective in Los Angeles and has organized and curated numerous art exhibitions throughout Southern California. She is currently the president of the California State University Northridge Arts Alumni Association.

Her mission is to create community among artists and the art world in order to help each other thrive. Through social practice and engagement and influenced by artists such as Kim Abeles, Alexandra Grant, and Samantha Fields as well as past influencers: Peggy Guggenheim and Gertrude Stein, Kristine is interested in using art and community, education and expression to cultivate change.

SHELI SILVERIO is a fine artist and illustrator living and working in Los Angeles. She has studied studio arts and humanities at Pasadena City College, California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and California State University Northridge. An integral part of the LA Art World, Sheli is a member of the Los Angeles Art Association and is currently working for Shoebox PR, offering valuable resources to emerging artists.

S. VOLLIE OSBORN has a background in writing and performing arts, and more recently sculpture. S. Vollie is excited to continue exploring the arts scene in LA.

MARIANNE LEPA is Shoebox’s telecommuting communications raconteur. From way up in Canada, just north of Toronto, Marianne and Kristine have collaborated on numerous virtual and mixed reality art and publishing projects since 2008. Marianne holds a BA in Humanities and a diploma in Arts Management. Passionate about the arts, she founded and ran the webzine Arts News Canada back in the days of web 1.0 and has numerous writing and editing credits to her name.

SUSAN KURLAND is a multi-media artist living in Los Angeles, California. Her sculptural art is based on her tactile and familial memories. Using fabric and thread, Susan coveys’ her relationship to textiles and found objects while applying a variety of techniques creating textural layers and interest.

As a child, Susan first learned to sew by hand and then by sewing machine. Susan became interested in making her own clothing, often staying up late into the night to complete a garment to wear the following day to school. Susan later received her Associates Degree in Fashion Design and worked for theaters making costumes as well as garment production.

While working on and receiving her BA and MA in art education and studio art from California State University Northridge, Susan began to incorporate fiber arts with her ceramic and mixed media sculptures. Her work has been shown in several group shows throughout the LA area. It is through her interest in fiber and the manipulation one can achieve through experimentation and application of the materials that continues to spur her creative ideas.