Artist Management

Thank you so much for your interest in joining our Shoebox Community.

Shoebox Arts is a support network for artists.

We are a mentor, advisor, teacher, advocate, champion and we are idea people.

We are a facilitator, connecting you with the larger art community to help you achieve your individual goals.

We specialize in helping talented contemporary artists, whether emerging or mid-career, build a history and create a presence in the art world.

Founded and run by artists, we have our thumb on the pulse of the art world and know what you need to get ahead.

Our artists have – successfully proposed exhibitions to institutions; received studio visits from gallerists with invitations to show; met art writers, curators and consultants; sold work; had successful solo shows; received press in local and national publications; featured at the LA Art Show; learned to navigate the art world; upped their social media game; grown their community of peers in a short amount of time; became art leaders; curated exhibitions… and more.

We would love to offer our support to you. Give us 6 months and watch your career grow. 

What you get:

  • We will meet weekly: 
    • Monthly critique/incubator (zoom): We will meet once a month to critique work or support projects that you are working on.
    • Shoebox speaker series (zoom): Join our community as we meet with gallerists, curators, artists to learn about their programming, experience in the artworld and more. Previous speakers have included art critic Shana Nys Dambrot; gallerists Seth Curcio, Eva Chimento, James Panozzo, Marisa Caicholo and Julian Bermudez; Museum director Andi Campagnone; Artists Ann Weber, Rebecca Niederlander, Kim Abeles, April Bey, Sacha Baumann and Robin Hill; Fine art of storytelling Mike O’Connor; Organizer Erin Stone; Art Historian Betty Brown; Cultural producer Sharon Louden, Curator and consultant Kate Stern; LA Art Documents and more. (These are recorded so you will have access to some of the previous recordings as well)
    • Monthly artist meet-up (zoom): Open forum where you can ask questions and have in depth conversation about being an artist today.
    • Monthly workshops (zoom): Each month we will go over a different aspect of the business of art – Exhibition proposals, goals, PR for art exhibitions, Networking, Social Media and more. (recorded)
  • Facebook group – this is a dedicated private FB group where we share additional resources, offer accountability, share your exhibitions and create community with our artists.
  • Call for Art/grants/residencies list subscription – We will send you a researched and filtered list of exhibitions, grants and residencies for you to apply to – every 2 weeks
  • Accountability partners – We will pair you up with another shoebox artist to work together to achieve your goals.
  • Studio Visit Exchange – We will pair you with another artist once a month to exchange studio visits with. This can be virtual or in person.
  • Social media: Artist Spotlights – You will be able to submit your work and statement for us to share on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Instagram Live Studio Visits– We will host a 15 minute studio visit on Instagram Live where you will be able to share what you are working on in your studio.
  • Gallery lists – We will share a list of galleries, institutions and museums that includes mailing and email addresses.


  • Mentoring/Coaching
    • 1-hour Mentor Session with Kristine Schomaker and Sheli Silverio (zoom)
    • Working with us as a mentor/coach will help you establish goals that will enhance your creative practice and meet your business objectives. Individual consultations will help you sharpen your career and artistic goals and create a plan for meeting those goals. With individual coaching, your needs will guide the content of the sessions. Kristine and Sheli have access to many resources and can help you pinpoint where your art fits into the LA art conversation.