FREE Workshops, Shoebox Lab, Speed Dating Studio Visits…

Resources, Strategies and Other Fun Tips Please join us on Thursday May 11th at 6pm PST for a FREE ONLINE workshop where Kristine Schomaker will share resources, strategies and other fun tips to help you thrive as an artist. Please sign up below and you will receive an email the day before with the Zoom info. SHOEBOX LAB IS BACK!! […]

Networking for Socially Anxious Artists – An online workshop hosted by Shoebox Arts Nov 13th

FREE ZOOM WORKSHOP FOR ARTISTS This workshop will include in depth conversation on how to network, connect and create commmunity. Do you have a hard time meeting new people? Or networking while at art openings? The pandemic has definitely helped us isolate more and socialize less, which hasn’t helped our anxieties around meeting new people. We will also talk about […]

Dos and Don’ts of Photographing Artwork An online workshop hosted by Shoebox Arts Oct 23rd

FREE ZOOM WORKSHOP FOR ARTISTS The workshop will include tips for photographing your own artwork as well as shooting artwork in gallery and museum settings, your home and outdoors. What are good strategies for posting photos on social media? What is the best way to shoot 3D work? and more… Sunday October 23, 10am PST SIGN UP HERE: