In the Studio with Alison Woods

What does a day in your art practice look like? I begin the process by researching, collecting, and manipulating digital images. A composite image is completed and transferred to canvas using a wide variety of techniques. Finally, the canvas is approached with poured and spray paint, rollers, stencils, and brushes to complete the image. I search, collect, and catalog digital […]

In the Studio with Julie Williams

What does a day in your art practice look like?  A perfect ‘home’ day starts with an uninterrupted hour of drawing and journaling. Check my email then up to the studio to work for a few hours. Exercise and eat lunch, then back to the studio for a few more hours. Time at the computer for research and admin, then […]

In the Studio with Kendra Larson

What does a day in your art practice look like?A typical day in my life starts with my rambunctious five-year-old waking me up a bit too early. I get him ready and walk the seven blocks to his school and back. Then I’m able to get into my studio which is a converted garage behind my house near Mt Tabor […]


CALL FOR ARTISTS!! Open Call: Spooky CampDeadline: January 28, 2022 Shoebox Arts invites YOU to submit work for this national open call online exhibition at Shoebox Projects, our alternative art space that supports artists through curator opportunities, residencies, representation, and exhibitions. Spooky CampThe tools of humor and fear, when used together, can speak to truth in poignant ways. This will […]

In the Studio with Eric Sanders

What would life be like without art?For me, life would be rudderless without art. It’s like an old friend whom you may lose touch with from time to time but that you know is always there for support if you need it. As a kid I learned to love the joy of painting through my father, and as I got […]

In the Studio with Vicky Hoffman

What does a day in your art practice look like? Mornings tend to be reserved for the “business” of life, e.g., walk dog, any meetings, conversations, yoga, errands, etc. In short, I want a clear head when I get to the studio so I’m not distracted by a “to do” list. While in the studio, I dislike interruptions from texts […]

In the Studio with Debra Vodhanel

What do you wish to accomplish with your art? My wish is for my art to reflect the beauty of being alive, instill in others an appreciation of this mystery we call life, and an appreciation of the responsibilities and freedom with which it comes. I want my audience to see in my work an open-ended invitation to explore their […]

In the Studio with Daniela Soberman  

What does a day in your art practice look like? I’m currently working on a large project that spans several months.  The panels I’m working with are too large to fit inside of my current space, so I’m forced to work outside in the elements. Plaster work composes a large part of my surface treatments so that means I’m contending […]

In the Studio with Susan Amorde

When was the first time that you remember realizing that you are a creative person? Ever since I can remember. I was always the kid in class making the large size paintings about the topic of the day. In fact, I still have a large painting on rolled up butcher paper of jungle animals that I did in elementary school—probably […]