Peer Mentorship Exchange

Peer Mentorship Exchange

Shoebox Arts has a new peer mentorship exchange, and it is FREE for all visual artists.

“Nothing great was ever accomplished alone.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

We know the value of having a support network to help guide your art practice. Through community and connection, Peer Mentor Artists will work together to advance their careers and studio practices, and to help one another move through creative blocks and find inspiration. As a Peer Mentor Artist, you are both a mentor AND a mentee. There are no hierarchies.

Everyone has different experiences. Be open to sharing yours. Be willing to learn. Be kind, generous and ready to help each other. You may not have similar art mediums, or goals, but you will be able to bring your diverse experiences to support each other.

How our program works:

We will pair you with another artist and send you and your peer mentor an email to get started.

Each pairing is a 3 month commitment. At the end of 3 months you can choose to dissolve the pairing, start over with a new artist by re-submitting your information, or you can continue with your current pairing. We do not monitor the time limit, that is up to you to keep track of.

You can be a Peer Mentor with more than one artist simultaneously. Submit your information again to be paired up with another artist. Please just be aware of your time and emotional limits, and try not to bite off more than you can chew. To that end, please let me (and your partner) know ASAP if you won’t be able to continue your commitment due to time and life constraints.

We are unable to take specific requests for location, medium and level of experience.

All career levels and experience welcome. We lift each other up by working together.

*Sign up by filling out this google form and we will pair you up with another artist within 2-3 weeks of signing up.


Set up communication guidelines for your mentorship. You can text every day, talk once a week, email whenever you have questions. It is both of your responsibility to maintain the relationship. Talk about and decide what works best for your partnership and re-negotiate as necessary. The idea is to check-in with each other; motivate, empower and help each other build and sustain thriving, successful art practices.

Be clear about the specific goals or intentions you have for your art career. 

Show each other your work, ask for critique.

Share resources and introductions in the art world with gallerists, curators, collectors.

Share open calls, curated shows, and events they should check out.

Mentorship is something that can benefit you throughout your entire lifetime – you are never too old or too experienced to receive guidance from someone.

Artist Martin Cox and Shoebox Founder Kristine Schomaker
Artist and Shoebox team member Sheli Silverio with Artist Debbie Korbel