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One-on-one Mentorship (Via zoom and studio visits)
Social Media PR
Critique Groups
Art Speaker Series
In Person Gallery/Event Visits
Asset Reviews
Call for Art, Grants, Residencies
Studio Visit Exchange
Exhibition PR
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A note from our founder, Kristine Schomaker.

As a working artist in Los Angeles, I saw how much artists needed the resources and tools to navigate the world of art. I found that artists didn’t know how many opportunities were actually available to them. I realized that my experience as an educator, artist, leader and mentor could help artists find their voices, be advocates for themselves, create their own opportunities and build name recognition within their communities. I created Shoebox Arts for this very reason.

Shoebox Arts is a support network for artists. We are a mentor, advisor, teacher, advocate, champion and we are idea people. We are a facilitator, connecting you with the larger art community to help you achieve your individual goals.

Shoebox Arts is building a network of select visual artists who are passionate about their practice and ready to move forward in their careers. We specialize in helping talented contemporary artists, whether emerging or mid-career, build a history and create a presence in the art world.

Founded and run by artists, we have our thumb on the pulse of the art world and know what you need to get ahead.

It has never been harder to be an artist than in this age of digital communication. A successful artist needs to have an engaging social media presence and digital portfolio along with gallery, curator, and press contacts.

That is where Shoebox Arts comes in…

We are experts in social media management and have an impressive list of important contacts among curators, gallerists, institutions, and the press. We help you build bridges and create community in the Los Angeles Art World.

We can help you build a following, create a community and access new opportunities in 3 months! Let’s work together!!

Check out our services below and let us know if you have any questions. You can also read what our clients have to say under testimonials.