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Exhibition Proposals

Having a solo exhibition or curating a group show is a mutual goal among most artists we have talked to. But then what? How do you make that happen?

We believe that artists can create their own opportunities. One thing you can do is to put together a proposal and pitch your solo or group show. What does a well written proposal look like? What are the elements that make up a proposal? Where do I send my proposal? How do I stay organized during this process?

Promoting an Art Exhibition

So you finished the work… now what?

What goes into promoting an art exhibition?
Do you send out a newsletter? or postcards?
Have you written a press release?
Do you have your statement and bio up to date?
Have you scheduled posts on Social Media?

Networking for the socially anxious artist

This workshop includes in depth conversation on how to network, connect and create commmunity.

Do you have a hard time meeting new people? Or networking while at art openings? The pandemic has definitely helped us isolate more and socialize less, which hasn’t helped our anxieties around meeting new people.

We will also talk about rejection, building confidence and owning your autonomy in a world trying to make you into something else.

What is the right etiquette at art openings? Sending emails? Making introductions? Do you send out thank you notes?

Dos and Don’ts of Photographing Artwork

The workshop includes tips for photographing your own artwork as well as shooting artwork in gallery and museum settings, your home and outdoors. What are good strategies for posting photos on social media? What is the best way to shoot 3D work? and more…

Instagram for Artists

Why should artists use Instagram? Is it worth the time? What are hashtags? Are stories and reels important? Do artists actually sell art using Instagram? Do curators and collectors find artists on Instagram?